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Posted by on Mar 29, 2013 in NASL, Recent | 1 comment

NASL Outsider 3/28

NASL Outsider 3/28


I know its been a few weeks but the off season has been a bit uneventful honestly.

So whats happening in NASLand?

Well the Scorps signed a local kid, which is always heartwarming. We have a write up about it today. It’s a great story.

One of the most notable cuts for the Strikers this year is, The Strikers Girls. The Tailgate Show last night announced it last night and the guys seem genuinely broken up about it. I can’t say that I am a fan of such things, and Ft. Lauderdale certainly has no shortage of beautiful women. So we suspect they will live.

Indy announces every several days how many season ticket deposits they have. I believe they just topped 50,000 or something. More truly outstanding work by Peter Wilt and the Brickers.

As everyone now knows, Minnesota Stars and now Minnesota United. I would be lying if we said we were excited by the name, but YOWZA! the new logo is fantastic. If for some reason you have been in a hole for the past month or so. Go check it out immediately, its probably the best logo in all of American soccer. In about an hour, we’ll have a profile on the team.

On April 15th we are launching Reckless Challenge. It will be home to many wonderful new things and all of our NASL coverage will be moving there. So check it out, we are very excited to get it started and think you will be as well.

One parting shot speaking of American soccer. The Scorps Tweeted that they are in the market for a new announcer and that someone with an English accent would be shown preference. It os well within their rights to do so, we would rather hear an American voice, but to each their own.

Well thats about it for this week. If we missed your club, drop us a line and let us know. We are currently looking for correspondents to help us improve our NASL coverage, if thats your cup of tea, please contact us.

Listen to Murph as a guest on The Tailgate Show


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  1. I get that you’re being hyperbolic with regard to Indy’s season ticket sales, but there’s little sense in being hyperbolic. It’s just over 3k right now, and that’s already incredibly impressive. To put it in perspective, the Colorado Rapids only have 3,500.

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