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Posted by on Mar 27, 2013 in Antigua Barracuda FC, Los Angeles Blues, Phoenix FC, Recent, Tampa Bay FC, USL PRO | 0 comments

USL PRO Outsider 3/27/2013

USL PRO Outsider 3/27/2013

By Josh Brokaw

Hello, and welcome to the first ever USL PRO Outsider, your one stop shop for second hand information that may or may not be complete BS.  You can expect this to be a regularly featured piece that will include news and rumors from around the league.  I don’t have sleeper cells or MI-6 quality bugs in anyones Front Office.  There is no deep throat mole feeding me juicy tidbits of succulent scandals.  There IS internet hearsay, loose lipped twitter users, supporter group banter, and myself with a little too much free time on my hands.  So, let’s get into this weeks tidbits.

Did you know the USL PRO 2013 season already started?  No?  Then you missed a pretty intense season opener that saw it’s first reckless challenge when Phoenix midfielder Anthony Obodai collided with Juan Perez.  The result was a very intense couple of minutes with tempers, cards, and even a reff flying.  The skirmish ended with a well deserved straight red for Obodai and a questionable  yellow for Travis Bowen.  In the end LA picked up a home opener win, but one thing’s for sure, the rivalry between these two western teams is going to be a fun one to watch.  If the USL PRO is going to stick around it has to expand in the west.  Until now LA was the lone team and their future was/is anything but certain.  Let’s hope this rivalry on the field brings with it more fans in the stands, because the last thing we need is another team to crumble in the USL PRO.

Oh, that reminds me.  The rumor going around is that the USL PRO could shed another team this season.  The Antigua Barracudas have yet to submit a roster despite the fact that the season has already started.  Since the team already had an uphill battle on their hands with the announcement that they would be strictly a road team, maybe it’s better for them if they didn’t stick around the USL.  It isn’t really a fair fight after all.  It’s kind of hard to make a run for the playoffs when you’re never the home team.  Personally, I was looking forward to not having a single team fold this season, but if Antigua doesn’t come up with a roster soon they could very well go the way of all those Puerto Rico teams from last season.

Speaking of Puerto Rico, in slightly better news, despite not yet announcing where exactly in Tampa Bay they plan on playing, VSI has signed former Puerto Rico Islanders forward Mauricio Salles.  He brings with him a load of experience that this new expansion team really needed.  With all these great new signings VSI has announced, I’m beginning to think I ranked them far too low in my end of season predictions.  The good news is that I didn’t rank them nearly as low as fellow Union Dues contributor Chad.


Well that’s it for this inaugural edition of the USL PRO Outsider.  If you have anything to add leave a comment below or tweet me at @charlieblix.

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