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Posted by on Mar 2, 2013 in MLS, Philadelphia Union, Recent | 1 comment

Standing on the Edge of Morning

Standing on the Edge of Morning


My dear Union family,

I write to you today neither to analyze off-season trades nor to critique preseason matches.  I do not wish to bring up the results of last season, the limitations of Coach Hack, or the Union’s current case of Adu-flu.  As fans, we recognize the issues and spend day after day worrying and arguing about them.  On this special morning, I am here to remind you of something much more important.

We made it through another dark winter of lonely Saturdays.  Here we stand, on the edge of a new dawn, a new season.  Feels pretty magical, doesn’t it?  We are about to return home to PPL, to our tailgates, bearfights and flags.  We have an empty 2013 page stretched out in front of us, how will we fill it?

Hopefully this season looks something like Jack Mac’s leap into the River End after his textbook header against New England.  And hopefully it feels like the night of the Open Cup match when we endured through the rain and took a trip to the “other end.”  And hopefully it will stop our hearts like when Eddie Johnson ripped that shot from the top of the box to give the MLS All Star’s the win over Chelsea.

My favourite part of this sport is the unrestrained potential every time a team walks onto the pitch.  What came before doesn’t matter.  The past results have nothing to do with today.  Absolutely anything can happen.  Might all my hopes be drowned by a dismal performance and complete lack of goal scoring? Sure.  But being a fan means holding tightly to the bits of brilliance we witness each week and forgetting everything else.

The Union asks us, “what do you stand for?”  We stand for something greater.  We stand for everything that could be.  We stand for every moment of the beautiful game that makes us feel alive. So today, as you walk through those hallowed gates, I hope you remember to dream big and stand proud.

Cheers to a new year,

-An eternally optimistic Union fan

1 Comment

  1. Amen! I got goosebumps reading this, and a little teary-eyed. I cant wait to see my fellow SOBs at the tailgate and cheer on our boys. Let’s DOOP proud and loud! Let’s help our boys take 3points today!


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