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Posted by on Feb 28, 2013 in MLS, Recent | 1 comment

The Kit Bag : MLS 2013 Kits II

The Kit Bag : MLS 2013 Kits II


Here it is, part two of The Kit Bag: MLS 2013 kit edition. In part one we looked at some boring Houston and New York kits, imaginary and clean Colorado and Toronto kits, and a well done but confusing concept Union third kit. In this part we will be looking at the current US Open Cup holders, Sporting KC, the Montreal Impact, the MLS Cup holders, LA Galaxy, and the Seattle Sounders.

*One note to point out: This 2013 season we will be seeing a new type face for players names and numbers. Now I don’t know what the font is called, but it is more of a sans-serif style font that brings the MLS into the present day a little more. Personally I like it and I’m sure those hipsters in the Cascades will too.

Sporting Kansas City – New Primary Kits

Their home has been called, the “Blue Hell”, and they all bleed blue, so this kit doesn’t change too much from their colors (as it shouldn’t). They have their iconic colors with nothing more except a line splitting the two apart. Lining the split up with the crest (a nice little touch) and having it flow together really well. At first I thought it was just a “look” but there is some meaning behind it. Kansas City is both a city in two states, Kansas and Missouri and this line represents this border line. Really emphasizing a, “two cities and states, one team” mentality. Though it looks a little lopsided in the images maybe in person it will look better.

Besides the split line for the border, they have added their kit sponsor, Ivy Funds. A nice one color logo matching the kit (take note Philly, yes I’m looking at you Bimbo). Then on the back the “Sporting Club” crest, showing the idea they want to be a multi sport organization.

Overall : Thought out but still a little lopsided. Plus anything is better then these.

Montreal Impact – New Third Kits

Second year in the MLS, 20th year as a club. So with the anniversary they went with a tribute/throwback to the 1998 team which won the Can-Am Cup. A sleek black and blue striped kit, an “Inter Montreal” kit if you may. (@edwelshsays) Then on the back the a little a fleur-de-lis representing the city and showing the years of the club. Then a well done collar which is always a nice touch to see. In the end for the Impact, a great tribute/throwback look, it will definitely continue to hold the test of time as a true soccer kit.

Overall : Classic & pure soccer kit.

LA Galaxy – New Secondary Kits

LA Galaxy: when I think of their kit I kinda think of the Real Madrid of the MLS. The whites and golds (yellow really) that show the “class” of the players they have. So for this new secondary kit it continues this idea except keeping to LA’s secondary color, blue. So no real big, fancy sashes or lines, but they do have a quasar (star) pattern on the top side and bottom corner of the kit which is a nice touch. Then a little shout out to the fans with a “This is LA” patch on the bottom. Another change for the kit (along with the rest of the kits this year), is the loss of MLS Cup patch that would show the most current star. Now it is just a gold star showing they are the previous season champions, which looks a lot nicer in my mind (also makes more sense).

*Then some fabric details is that the Adidas striping (three stripes) are printed on for a lighter weight feel then having added fabric. Another small little innovation which is nice for the over all “smoothness”.

Overall : Same old LA style kit. Nothing new. (Not a bad thing though.)

Seattle Sounders – New Primary & Secondary Kits

So this year the Sounders got two new kits, both very nice. First the new primary kit, keeping with the “rave green” of years past but cleaning up some of that odd silver stuff from the previous style. On the top right across from the crest the space needle is embossed into the kit, giving it just that little detail on what otherwise would be a simple kit.

Then the secondary kit goes with a nice black and rave green and blue highlights in a sash pattern going behind the crest giving again just another cool little effect on what would be a simple kit. Now on the image above it just has a green sash, but on the video the MLS put out it has the blue and green alternating. So whatever is the final design it will look nice. Then on the back of both it has a little space needle up at the collar and the same printed on Adidas stripes as LA.

Overall : Glad to see the silver and the use of the black take its place. They look bad ass.

In the end, I think this group was solid. Very well done kits over all, but if you disagree with me or have any thoughts on these new kits let us know! Will you be spending your hard-earned dollar on some new threads? Leave us a comment below, hit us up on twitter @eryinwandel or @theuniondues, or at our Facebook Page. And expect the final part of The Kit Bag : MLS 2013 soon with, The Portland Timbers, Vancouver Whitecaps, and Chivas USA!

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  1. Thanks for the articles. I am enjoying your kit reviews. I like the Montreal kit. Very sharp.