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Posted by on Feb 27, 2013 in MLS, Recent | 0 comments

The Kit Bag : MLS 2013 Kits Part I

The Kit Bag : MLS 2013 Kits Part I


So here at the Union Dues I mostly make things look good on the site and create shirts for Quaker City Apparel. But on the odd chance there is a new kit for a team I will, along with a few other of the writers, give our thoughts on the new design.  Our USMNT writer, Andrew Stoltzfus said I should write my thoughts for the new MLS kits. So here it is, The Kit Bag. This will be a continuing series where we give our thoughts on new kits around the league and world. This is of course highlighting the new 2013 MLS kits.

*One note to point out: This 2013 season we will be seeing a new type face for players names and numbers. Now I don’t know what the font is called, but it is more of a sans-serif style font that brings the MLS into the present day a little more. Personally I like it and I’m sure those hipsters in the Cascades will too.

New York Red Bulls – New Primary & Secondary Kits

There is nothing new in New York, its Red Bull. They fall from the stratus and fall from the slightest tap on the pitch. As for the actual kit it seems to follow this nothing new mentality, sticking with their “global brand.” Apparently it is supposed to have less stitching to allow for players to be more comfortable (which is cool), and they made the Red Bull branding bigger which is nice for them. Also cleaned up the front with less bevel and striping. But they add the unnecessary ”Red Bull” in the back, what is this, the LMX?

Overall : Not bad but not great. Mediocre.


Houston Dynamo – New Primary & Secondary Kits

When you think orange and soccer you most likely think of the Dutch National team and their “Oranje Army”. But when you are watching the MLS, orange is all about the Houston Dynamo. They love orange just a little too much, their stadium, shirts, scarfs, logo, I’m surprised their pitch isn’t orange grass just yet (Houston, I better get credit when you do that). Now I love orange personally with family from the Netherlands, but this kit is horrible. I’ve seen better high school kits, in fact maybe they are trying to connect with the high school “Friday Night Lights” theme that Texas is known for. One cool little detail is the flag at the bottom of the kit, besides that it’s again horrible.


Overall : Boring and unimaginative.


Colorado Rapids – New Primary & Secondary Kits

Out of Monday’s releases I personally have to say Colorado took the gold. Their new primary & secondary kits were both the most imaginative of Monday’s set. First, their primary kit uses their iconic burgundy color of the rapids with a darker shade for the hoops. Then if  you take a closer look you can see names- these are all the season ticket holders names that make up the hoops. This idea of incorporating the fans in the hollowed kit has been done before, but I have to say this is the classier one yet.

Going from their iconic burgundy they switch things up and take their secondary kit influence from the Colorado flag with a ghosting image of the “C” on the front. The whole kit just “screams Colorado” and I am sure any Colorado fan would be proud to have it as a secondary kit, I know I would. Also probably any Colombian that is a Rapids fan too.

Overall : Awesome incorporation of fans and state pride.


Philadelphia Union – New Third Kits





So now for the kit close to home, my beloved Union. Last night they released their new third kit, paying homage to the legendary club, Bethlehem Steel FC. It does deviate from the blue & gold combos with a stylish black and white detailing. While the Bimbo logo is retrofitted to fit the throwback look. Then adding the Bethlehem Steel “B” logo stitched on in felt at the bottom with the clubs years. A very well done throwback/tribute kit over all.

Even as a well done kit, I would have rather seen the Atoms tribute. I just don’t fully see the Union & BSFC connection as closely as a true Philly team like the Atoms. (I understand there are ties with BSFC moving to Philly towards the end) I just don’t think it was the best fit. But as a kit it’s well done and it sure beats the full Kaki kits we had from our first two years.

Overall : Very well done Retro/Throwback jersey, but would rather have seen more connection to Philly.


Toronto FC – New Primary Kits

With the recent performance and constant changes Toronto FC and their fans needed a much-needed overhaul, and this is a good push towards that. I love the geometric shapes and lines colliding to make up the leaf in a darker red on the front. It’s just enough to be classy and not busy. There really isn’t much more to say, it’s a great new kit.

Overall : Clean & Classy.

So far I feel bad for Houston and New York, slightly confused by the Union, and glad for Colorado and TFC fans. Part II of The Kit Bag : MLS 2013 will be coming soon, and if you have any thoughts on these new kits let us know! Will you be spending your hard-earned dollar on some new threads? Leave us a comment below, hit us up on twitter @eryinwandel or @theuniondues, or at our Facebook Page.