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Posted by on Feb 8, 2013 in NASL, Recent | 0 comments

NASL Outsider 2-7-13

NASL Outsider 2-7-13

Welcome to a brand new regular feature piece NASL Outsider. We will he playing with format and style so if you don’t care for it this time, check back – it could be even worse next time.

Happy NASL Friday everyone! As is usual for preseason, the wheels are spinning but no one seems to be going anywhere.

The biggest news of the week is probably NASL Virginia is now officially Virginia Cavalry FC. Apparently Harksey was at the unveiling and we were as shocked as you to hear he pronounced the name correctly on the first try. Word is things are progressing nicely in the green pastures of VA.

The word of the week in the NASL seems to be STADIA. That’s right, the wonderful pluralization of the Barbie Dream House for footie fans. Anyone who is anyone has one or at least a cool CAD mock up of one. I even saw a few 1950′s style architectural watercolors of stadia (Dear Gods how I love to say that word!). Complete with happy watercolor fans strolling thru imaginary concourses eating water colored concessions. It’s all quite dreamy really, a Beautiful Game’s version of SKINAMAX. It could make Bob Ross weep into his pint glass on a Sunday morning.

So everyone has a stadia deal or is working on one. The wonderful thing about Stadia mock ups, (why is that word just so sexy?!?) is they are free…well mostly free. I am sure they pay the folks who put them together something. Perhaps they pay them in promised season tickets in their imaginary stadia. This veritable boom in stadia (I hope you are counting, there may be a prize in this somewhere) looks to be a case of keeping up with the Jones’. If only half of the stadia deals come to pass, the world will be a better place is my thought on the matter. Although I suspect that less than half will.

So rosters are being stuffed like stockings on Christmas, even NY signed a player. The post-Hitch Scorpions look to be creating their own Eastern Block in preparation for the Cold War with Minnesota. Also no word on where Chimbonda may land. we did hear a quote from the Combine where he says something to the effect that “It has always been a dream of his to play in the US.”  So very Robbie Keane of you Pascal, be on the lookout for him signing with the club he has supported since being a wee lad to complete the completely unfair comparison. We are interested to hear your opinions on who is doing the best job building a team for the Apertura.

Speaking of APERTURA, can someone please start a campaign to make the league just stop with the fancy footwork and call it that. “SoccerBowl” is hip and retro at this point but anglicizing things and using Opening Season and Closing Season is just plain silly. It’s the Apertura and Clausura lets start embracing it that way. Who’s with me?

While we are on the subject of Spanish in the NASL. Who is taking odds on Carolina being the only orange jersey in the league come 2014? It looks a safe bet.

Finally, it appears the Brickers will be Racing Indy in their hearts alone. We spoke to Peter Wilt and asked him about the issue and he said this:

An IMS (Indianapolis Motor Speedway) rep called me Jan 15 and told me that “Racing Indy” would infringe on Indy Racing League’s IP rights.
That’s all the info I have for you on the subject.

So there.

If you have anything to say about anything I said (or didn’t), comment below or drop us a line or even yell at us on Twitter or Facebook. We love the input. If you want to drop us a line to pass on hearsay, innuendo,  or rumor–check out the Contact page.

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Until next week, be well everyone