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Posted by on Feb 1, 2013 in NASL, Recent | 2 comments

NASL Outsider

NASL Outsider


Welcome to a brand new regular feature piece NASL Outsider. We will he playing with format and style so if you don’t care for it this time, check back – it could be even worse next time.

Lets start with a disclaimer:

This is exactly what the title says. We claim no first hand knowledge of the inner workings of either specific teams or the league in general. We simply keep our ears to the ground, butt in to conversations (mostly both uninvited and unwelcomed), and monitor social media, just like the rest of the world. In doing so we hear things and identify patterns, or sometimes people whisper things in our direction. We make zero claim that anything we print here is factual, and may very often be a complete fabrication or figment of someones overactive imagination. There is no need for anyone to take anything they read here as anything but rumor, half-truth, and conjecture. We claim no adherence to journalistic integrity and will very often take a kernel of fact and spin it into something less than that.

This feature may cause: itching, irritable bowels, nausea, anxiety, hallucinations, and a sudden and violent reaction to the word “pumpernickel”. We have no idea what to do if any of those things happen, but suppose a medical professional of some sort should be consulted. You have been warned.

Now on with the show….

The NSCAA convention wrapped up recently. For those of you who don’t know what that is, its basically soccer’s version of COMIC CON. It comes complete with nerdy types following their (not so) secret crushes around asking questions that no one but them cares about the answer to. It also features adults dressed in bright outfits that would be socially unacceptable almost anywhere else. Once you get past the reports and supporters groups, there is actually some business going on there. The NASL held a few seminars for their front offices and their Board of Governors meeting.

There was reportedly a very large gorilla in the room for the Board of Governors meeting. No it wasn’t Socrates, but our sources tell us he was spotted wearing green and yellow, and kept trying to sneak into the MLS’s meetings. Curious indeed. Also apparently only one venomous creature was to be seen in all of KC, which says a lot considering Garber, Wynalda and our favorite bloggers were all in the house. This did not keep our pal Hitch away though, we heard that he had developed an aversion to all creatures poisonous.

In the worst kept secret in the history of soccer, Indy declared for the right league and then didn’t immediately announce the team name as Racing. If anyone thinks they could call themselves anything else, you are delusional. If anything else is even an option we will be starting the campaign to ensure any soccer team from Indianapolis now and until the end of time, no matter what level they play at, is called RACING. It’s just unnatural and unholy to call it anything else.

Pascal Chimbonda showing up at the NASL combine….wow. If I wrote what is really going through my head about that one….let’s just say it’s better that I don’t.

This is a short one this week, if you have anything to say about anything I said (or din’t), comment below or drop us a line or even yell at us on Twitter or Facebook. We love the input. If you want to drop us a line to pass on hearsay, innuendo or rumor, check out the Contact page.

Remember to subscribe via email so you never miss a thing, there will be some BIG announcements in the very near future.

Until next week, be well everyone


  1. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is blocking the name of Racing Indy based on infringement on the brand name of Indy racing league. IMS won’t budge on it so it looks like the official name won’t include Racing, in the minds of a lot of the original bickers it will always be Racing Indy

    • We know this, which is why we are ready to jump on any attempt to make this happen.