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Posted by on Nov 27, 2012 in Recent, USL PRO | 2 comments

New Soccer-Specific Stadium in Pittsburgh

Highmark Stadium broke ground in July 2012 and will open for Pittsburgh Riverhounds soccer 2013 season in the USL Pro Division. ThenDesign Architecture designed the new venue and the construction cost will add up to about $10.2 million.  The stadium is a 3,500 seat venue located in the Station Square area, just across the river from downtown Pittsburgh. The field surface is hybrid-turf, the stadium will also be able to host lacrosse, rugby, football, and concerts year round. The Pittsburgh Passion, a member of the women’s football alliance will also make Highmark their new home.  The main tenant is the Pittsburgh Riverhounds Soccer Club, who having been roaming from multiple high school stadiums since 1999 as their home venue. There is also potential to have european teams pay friendlies in Pittsburgh now as well as a Women’s franchise being created in Pittsburgh. The new venue will give their own place to train and have their team offices. Highmark Stadium will be the fourth soccer specific stadium in the USL PRO along with Rochester, Charleston, and Harrisburg.

The new home of the Riverhounds features many new amenities the Riverhounds never had before as well as many other teams in the USL. One of Highmark Stadium’s many features is 15 corporate suites, something that many minor league soccer clubs do not have. As well as a LED Electronic Video Board system, another feature many other clubs do not have. A full service club level will be located in the main building for the stadium in the north end. In the south end, a supporter’s specific seating is located for the Riverhounds’ Steel Army Supporters Club. The main seating is behind the west sideline will face the pitch over looked by the beautiful Pittsburgh skyline across the river. The main building will also have a bistro area, team offices, and locker rooms. Parking lots are located to the north and south of the venue.

The new soccer specific stadium is great for the city of Pittsburgh, the United Soccer Leagues, and the promotion of soccer in North America. I encourage you to click on the link directly below to watch the virtual tour of Highmark Stadium and for more information, visit the other links.



  1. Looks awesome. I’m curious how it was financed.

    Also, calling Skyline Sports Complex a soccer-specific stadium is a little generous, especially since it once had American football field goal posts and looks more like a collection of bleachers than a stadium.

    It would be great to see this kind of development happen on City Island and across the USL Pro.

  2. Privately financed, not paid for by the State unlike most stadiums in Pennsylvania. Skyline is soccer specific now because they tore down the football goal posts, removed the softball diamond, and backstop. City Island will not be getting a new stadium anytime soon, ownership cannot afford it and Corbett will not hand out money for a new stadium. The only improvement mentioned by close friend and majority owner Eric Pettis is potentially in the near future a turf field at Skyline.