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Posted by on Nov 8, 2012 in MLS, Montreal Impact, Recent | 1 comment

Montreal Impact: Player Ratings

Who better to rate the players from the Montreal Impact but one of the members of the 127 Montreal supporter group. Shawn Richardson strikes again


For many people around MLS, 2012 was an expansion year for Montreal, but not for our fans.  The team had already played for 18 seasons in various leagues, and had been drawing over 10000 per game since 2005.

Despite many analysts predicting a typical expansion season, our fans felt that our team would be better than everybody predicted.

The Impact were in the hunt for the playoffs until very late in the season, and many people believe that next season, they’ll be in the post-season.

One of the best stories of the year was the return of Patrice Bernier to home soil.  He quickly became a fan favourite, and he certainly didn’t disappoint.

Here is my personal evaluation of all of the players that remained on the roster at the end of the season:


Felipe – Had a fantastic year in 2012. Near the top of the league in fouls against. He has incredible vision, and is a great play maker. His absence at the end of the season led to the team’s offence completely shutting down. Will become a DP or he will leave.


Patrice Bernier – Took some time to get adjusted to MLS play. When he returned from being benched, became one of the best players on the team. However, at 33 years old, will probably begin to decline in ability next season.

Matteo Ferrari – Started off the season very well until his injury. He recovered quickly, and it didn’t take long for his form to return. Several ties would have been losses if not for him. He is indispensable for 2013.

Troy Perkins – Acquired in exchange for Donovan Ricketts. He is everything that Ricketts isn’t, he leads the troops, is very good on set pieces, and handles the ball well. His presence will deny playing time to Bush.


Hassoun Camara – One of 2011′s best players showed he deserves to play in MLS. Didn’t get much playing time in the first half of the season after an injury. He is dominant in the air, and never gives up. Deserves a starting role in 2013.


Marco DiVaio – Our first DP. His trial in Italy distracted him for quite a while after his arrival. He is very talented, but relies far too much on everyone else. His attitude is a big negative.

Nelson Rivas – He misses way too many games due to fitness issues, but when he is healthy, he can be a game changer. He wins everything in the air, and his aggressiveness seems to intimidate opposing forwards. The team needs to find a way to keep him healthy.

Collen Warner – He was unnoticed most of the season. Fantastic at moving the ball around, rarely gave up possession. He was a very important part of the midfield this season, and deserves a starting role next season.rco DiV– Our first DP. His trial in Italy distracted him for quite a while after his arrival. He is very talented, but relies far too much on everyone else. His attitude is a big negative.


Jeb Brovsky – Had a lot of trouble early in the season. Improved dramatically during the second half, and earned a starting position. Lots of potential for 2013.

Sanna Nyassi – When he plays for less than 30 minutes, he is a spectacular player. When he starts, he makes lots of errors and doesn’t pass. His greatest ability is his speed. When he enters late in a game, he is able to use his speed to create chances. Scored 6 goals, but could have scored so many more. Should never start games.

Zarek Valentin – Probably the most unlucky guy on the team this season. He was starting to improve when he lost his starting position. His lack of playing time could impact on his development. The team needs to find a way to get him into more games in 2013.

Andrew Wenger – Started off the season really well until Di Vaio arrived. He is too similar a type of player to play with Di Vaio. The team should see about retraining him on one of the wings. His talent was wasted.


Bernardo Corradi – scored 4 goals before getting injured, but 3 were from penalties. He is slow, and at 35 years old, will get slower. Could be a good back-up player in 2012.

Callum Mallace – Had a disastrous start at right-back and then didn’t get a chance to play for a long time. Finally started playing in midfield at the end of the season and showed some promise. Covers a lot of ground. Needs more development and would benefit from being loaned out in 2013.

Alessandro Nesta – A major disappointment. One of the best defenders in history, however, he did not seem ready for the physical challenge of the league. Next season, he will be 37, and the team shouldn’t rely on him to be a starter.

Shavar Thomas – He had to play because of injuries, and he did a decent job despite his ability level. He doesn’t deserve a starting job in MLS, but is a decent backup player.

Sinisa Ubiparipovic – Has good passing skills, and scored a couple of goals quickly at the beginning of the season, but made too many errors to deserve more playing time. He gives depth to the team, but probably won’t return in 2013.


Davy Arnaud – started the season well, scored our first goal. He got much slower as the season went on. Argues with the officials far too much for a team captain. He is a big liability with his salary for 2013.

Justin Mapp – started the season very well and then left for a leave of absence. After his return was very ineffective. Unable to provide DiVaio with quality chances. He will most likely not return in 2013.

Lamar Neagle – Didn’t play enough to properly judge. Seems to have hot and cold moments. Not consistent enough to play regularly.

Dennis Iapichino – was inserted into the starting lineup as soon as he arrived to cover for injuries. He wasn’t ready, and looked bad, but he is young and will improve.

Eduardo Sebrango – one of my favourite players of all time, but he was due to retire. Incredibly intelligent as a player, he simply can’t keep up in MLS with players 15 years younger. He deserves a job with the club.


Josh Gardner – began the season as a starter and quickly lost his job. He was retrained as a midfielder, but didn’t get any playing time due to the depth at his position. He is not needed and should be traded for 2013.


Miguel Montano – Played a few games early in the season. Very quick, but no finishing skills. His attitude is terrible, and he has no future in Montreal. He will not return.

Greg Sutton – Thanks for the all of the memories, enjoy your retirement.


Bryan Arguez – completely unknown. Lent out to Edmonton this season, and then didn’t play when he came back. Did well in Edmonton.

Evan Bush – barely got a chance in 2012. Performed well in reserve games, and was spectacular against OM in a friendly. Big potential, but probably won’t get much playing time in 2013. Would benefit from a loan.

Evan James – played very well for the Canadian U-23 team, but didn’t play a single minute with the senior team this season.

Karl Ouimette – didn’t play enough to be judged. At 20 years old, his future seems bright, and the franchise could use local talent.

If you have any opinions, thoughts or just want to discuss anything Impact, follow Shawn Richardson on Twitter

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  1. This article was written on October 28th. Since that date the team has made a few player announcements.