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Posted by on Nov 7, 2012 in MLS, Montreal Impact, Recent | 1 comment

The Montreal Impact and Jesse Marsch part ways: One man’s view of why it happened

Let’s welcome Shawn Richardson as our guest contributor, Shawn is a member of 127 Montreal and a huge Impact supporter.

Despite having played only one season in MLS, the Montreal Impact have a history of changing coaches quickly.  In the last several years, four coaches have had the job.  What makes it so difficult is probably team owner, Joey Saputo.  He is the team’s biggest fan, and doesn’t shy away from getting directly involved with the team.

The expansion draft had Jesse Marsch written all over it, tough gritty players that fight until the end, despite not being the most gifted players.  As the season progressed, talent was brought in from Europe (Di Vaio, Nesta, etc..)  These players play a different style from MLS.  They are more tactical.  They prefer to pass their way forward, and craft the perfect goal, whereas the American style of play is very physical with lots of long passes forward.  These two styles were often in conflict.  The European players felt that their vision of play should dominate, whereas the American players, and Jesse Marsch believed winning in MLS requires American tactics.  Eventually, team ownership sided with their European players, and Jesse Marsch felt that he was not free to run the team as he wished.

Candidates for the now vacant job had better be warned, do as Joey Saputo and Nick DiSantis wish, or you won’t last long.  Will a team playing European-style soccer be succesful in MLS?  It will depend on the coach.  It is essential that he have some knowledge of the league.  We’ll see.  The fans in Montreal fully expect to make the playoffs in 2013, and so does Joey Saputo.

If you have any opinions, thoughts or just want to discuss anything Impact, follow Shawn Richardson on Twitter

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  1. Shawn rules !