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Posted by on Oct 22, 2012 in Houston Dynamo, MLS, Philadelphia Union, Recent | 0 comments

Sloppy Play Leads to 3-1 Loss in Houston

Mistakes and overall sloppy play were the order of the day as the Houston Dynamo clinched a playoff spot against the Philadelphia Union.

It’s one thing if the Union are going to be outplayed and lose to a superior opponent. It’s another thing all together if the Union are going to gift chances to the opposition. Here’s a quick rundown of the Dynamo’s best chances:

What should have been an easy clearance by Carlos Valdes saw Macoumba Kandji beat him to the ball and sprint in for an early goal. The clearance attempt was rather lazy and should have been a play easily forgotten about by the casual fan.

39′ – An interception by Gaddis leads to the right back running into Brian Carroll and gifting Houston possession in the perfect area to counter attack. A ball played to the end line for Brad Davis is chased by both Union center backs, allowing a chance at an open net for an attacker in Orange. Luckily the shot goes over in embarrassing fashion.

49′ – Missed tackles by defenders leads to other defenders having to fly out of position to try to make a stop, allowing an attacker to be open in their recently vacated area. Garcia forced MacMath into a fine save before the rebound falls at the top of the 18 where two Houston players are waiting and Kandji gets off a shot with no Union defenders pressuring him, forcing MacMath to make another save.

65′ – Terrible tackling allows Davis to walk down the middle of the defense and put a shot off the upright.

70′ – Hoppenot is forced to defend Garcia on a Dynamo break. Where was the defense? I have no idea. MacMath is caught expecting a far post shot and is beaten to the near post.

74′ – I’m not going to say the PK given by Geiger was from a poor challenge from Valdes, it was a bit late, but wouldn’t be given by 9 out of 10 refs. However, Valdes gave Geiger the opportunity to make the controversial call and no one should be surprised that he took to opportunity.

To put it simply, it was a frustrating game to watch. There was a complete lack of structure from the team from the first kick. After two great games by the Union nothing seemed to be going right. It was the kind of string of games that proves the youth and inexperience of this team. There are shining examples of the promise these young players are capable of, but the only consistency in 2012 has been the inconsistency of performances on a game-to-game basis.

Congrats to the Houston Dynamo for securing a playoff spot. Hopefully watching a franchise celebrate a streak of multiple years in the playoffs in a row will inspire this group of Union players to start a streak of their own in 2013.