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Posted by on Mar 29, 2012 in MLS, Philadelphia Union, Recent | 4 comments

A Time Toux Let Go

Let me preface this little rant by saying I’m a big fan of Sebastien Le Toux. He’s a class act and did great things for our team. Sure, we might miss him because our team is in a rough patch, but focusing on the bad isn’t going to make it any better. Obviously I’m writing this now because Seba is returning to PPL Park when we take on the Vancouver Whitecaps on Saturday.

At his weekly press conference on Wednesday, Dear Leader Nowak apparently got into an argument/shouting match with a reporter over the question of Le Toux and why he is gone. When I heard about this on twitter I tweeted, “For the record, I’m glad that Nowak is ripping Narducci a new one over the Le Toux question. Get over it, we don’t need the distraction.” I want to take this post to explain why I think that way.

Why do we give a damn about the specifics of the Le Toux transfer? We know that the team received money on the order of seven figures for our best player (if you want to argue he wasn’t the best, I’d love to hear that argument), which seems appropriate. You can argue that he was the fan favorite and that he loved Philadelphia, but last I checked the MLS doesn’t add an extra goal to your totals for being a nice guy. The reality of the situation is that we seem to have a pretty short memory here in Philadelphia. It was this time last year plus a few weeks that we started saying to ourselves, “Wow, Le Toux sucks this season.” Many of us, myself included, were calling for him to be benched. He’s scored one goal for Vancouver this year, just as many as Pajoy has for Philadelphia. Those facts aside, people’s larger issue seems to be Nowak.

I doubt they'll embrace like this on Saturday


I heard people saying today that Nowak “needs to be held responsible” and all that other stuff. Really? How exactly do you plan to hold him accountable to his actions? What will change from now to ten minutes from now if he revealed the details of the trade in between? The answer is nothing. Our team doesn’t need any distractions and in my mind if everyone is worrying about Le Toux it just says to them, “You guys can’t do it without him.” We may have had three bad games, but that is simply not true. The fact is that teams go through rough patches when new players come in. It happened last year when Garfan started playing for Harvey, and it happened when Adu showed up. Yet you don’t see people jumping up and down about Freddy Adu, even though he has done nothing but suck since arrival.

When the Union start winning, hopefully this weekend, the issue of why Le Toux left will quickly evaporate. When we’re winning, nobody cares. People were pissed last year when Harvey left, but I didn’t hear much of that toward the end of the season. This team will click and start working like the team they’re built to be, but that might not happen as soon as we’d like. If it turns out that I’m wrong with all of this, then Nowak gets fired and the issue is resolved that way.

I think that concludes my rant. I’d like to hear what you think of all this, I’d imagine the issue could be split with most teams. Feel free to comment up the article or yell at me on twitter @EdWelshSays. I hope that we see three points on Saturday, look out for my match preview on Friday. Keep DOOPing, my friends.


  1. Fine. Just don’t boo LeToux.

  2. Thank you. Another thing people seem to forget is that the FO, from day one, said that this club will not be built to win right away, but to win consistently years down the road… as in 5 or more years. Like it or not, this is business, and selling a hot/cold player like Le Toux while he’s hot in lieu of doubling his salary or losing him outright was a smart business decision for the future of the club (lock down Torres, Williams, etc.) And as much of a d-bag as Nowak can be, I honestly think he prefers the heat be on him instead of the players – I’ve seen more articles lately on things Nowak said than how poorly the team has performed.

  3. Winning is not the point, and winning does not make a shameful act any less shameful. Union fans who are loyal to our team’s best players have every reason to care about and root for Le Toux as long as Nowak is still coach. This story will end when Nowak is fired. A team that can not treat its players respectfully does not deserve fans.

  4. This is about a professional sports team. Of course winning is the point.


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