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Posted by on Jan 31, 2012 in MLS, Philadelphia Union, Recent | 4 comments

My Toux Cents on Bidding Adieu to Seba

Le Toux is gone. For the last 48 hours or so, “the Twitter” and Facebook have been abuzz that our precious Frenchman could be surrendered to the Vancouver Whitecaps. Today, it finally happened. It has been an emotional time for us as Union fans. A week ago we were all braced for never seeing Le Toux again when he went to Bolton, but now we will have to bear the sight of him in another uniform, one with a different flag on the left sleeve. I’ll go ahead and say it: this is a good move for the Union.

Before the riot starts outside my dorm room here at VT, let me explain why. In the MLS, all is governed by the almighty salary cap. Sure, we can bitch about it, but it’s what keeps a team like Houston or KC competitive with the MLS’s special children LA and NY. All is governed by cash. From the sounds of it, we just got money from Vancouver, which is a good thing. It was rumored that we asked them for around the same amount we were asking from Bolton, which was $1 million. When your baseline salary cap is $2.5 million, I’d take that deal. You just increased your overall spending money by forty percent! Hell yeah!

The reason we gave him up for that money is because his contract is up next year. We had might as well get some cash for him while we still can. That sounds somewhat messed up of me to be saying, but over the summer and next transfer window, Europe would have come calling. When they did that, he would have gone and we wouldn’t have seen any money for it. Another positive thing from this deal is that we’re very deep now.

I’ve seen the term “logjam” used to describe our situation at forward this season. We have a ton of forwards, and all of them are young guys competing for one (or two) job(s). We have Mwanga, Martinez, Hoffman, Pajoy, McInerney, and Adu (if you agree that Adu is a M/F) up at the top ready to score goals. This season, at least two of these guys are going to step up in a big way. The reason that they’re going to step up is because their jobs are on the line. If any one of them doesn’t look good enough, you bet your ass we’ll ship them off faster than… well Sebastien Le Toux I guess. Too soon?

My main point is that the Union are going to score goals. You can’t build a team around one player, which is what we had up top, let’s face it. The team has a solid defense, the midfield is strong and deep, and now we have a ton of forwards. I think there is one last element we’re missing. A certain Taylor Twellman said he wouldn’t be surprised if the Union decided to bring in a big name up top. In my opinion, the last thing the Union need to be a complete team is the proven finisher up top. In fact, Taylor Twellman himself would be perfect for the job. We’re only missing the true finisher to direct the young guns. With all this Le Toux money, and a hopeful sale of Freddy Adu, we will have some serious cash to bring in a big name.

I think once you get all of those pieces set up, the Union can and will dominate. The few action items we need to get Coach Nowak on are getting rid of Adu (or at least sitting him), inspiring the young guns, and bringing in the Twellman-type player. I don’t know about you, but I trust the Coach, even though he looks to be a madman sometimes. If anyone wants to argue with me, I’d love to get commentary going here or on twitter.

Pour a little bit out for Sebastien Le Toux, and then keep DOOPing, my friends.


Credit to Wandel Design for the feature image.


  1. Thank you! another voice of reason among an otherwise uneducated fan base. well done, well reasoned. nice article.

  2. I’m all for making room for talented youth, and taking full advantage of the MLS system, but if at the end of the day, Lionard Pajoy is starting at forward, we’ve made a very big downgrade my friend.

    • I can’t argue we’ve made an upgrade, but we are not going to be terrible or anything like people are saying. We’re going to have a great squad, you just won’t recognize the starting XI at first.

  3. i definitely agree with the points you make i just hope that the union use the money received from le toux on an elite player and not another adu. i was ready and willing to accept le toux playing overseas at bolton and i sincerely hope that he gets his chance in europe, but it is going to be extremely hard seeing him in an opposing uniform in the mls. i am going to have a lot of mixed emotions whenever the union take on the whitecaps. good luck though seba, you have done a lot of good to the team and the city!