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Posted by on Dec 25, 2011 in Recent | 1 comment

Welcome to the NEW UnionDues


Welcome to all of you out there who may be visiting us for the first time, and thanks for returning to all of our old friends.

We finally made it! I hope your holidays were happy and healthy. We here at the UnionDues central office have been slaving away during the off season in order to bring the New and Improved UnionDues to you. To begin, I would like to walk through the new features and scope and then introduce the writers who will be bringing them to you.

The Website

We upgraded the interactivity and the look of the new site as well as the coverage. We will be expanding our coverage of the Union and providing you with more Union related content in the coming season. 2012 will also bring some NEW features to UnionDues.


We here at UnionDues believe in American Soccer by American Voices, and as such have decided to begin covering the NASL. You will be seeing regular updates from each NASL correspondent as well as interviews with the players and coaches. We here are very excited to be involved in what we see as the next important chapter in the American game.

the Americas

Speaking of the American game. We have added a completely new page called the Americas because American Soccer owes as much of its history to Boca as it does to Bolton, perhaps more. We are going to explore the Latin and even Gallic roots of the American game on a regular basis, hoping to broaden our understanding of the American game in the full sense of the word.Look for guest posts, some in Spanish. We are also looking for someone to cover the CONCACAF Champions League, if you are interested, please contact us.


We have also added an section covering the USMNT. There is no higher honor than representing your country and we will bring you news and opinion on the best the US has to offer.

Quaker City Apparel

In conjunction with (Eryin) Wandel Designs we are extremely excited to be the home of Quaker City Apparel, a new Ultra Premium T-shirt line offering very limited runs of unique designs with American Soccer in its heart. Look for new offerings throughout the year.

more coming soon

We could not be more excited. There will be guest posts and a photo gallery, and a few new regular features. During this past season and into the post-season we have been gathering some of the best voices in American Soccer. Now its time to meet the group of writers and designers who will bring all of this content to you.

The Staff

First and foremost, I would like to give all appropriate credit to the Visual designer Eryin Wandel (@eryinwandel)for all his hard work in making the new site pleasing to the eye as well as functional. Eryin also will have his T-Shirt line available for purchase here.

Technical Director Ed Welsh (@edwelshsays) also put in long hours making sure everything works like it should and that you, the reader can access us and interact with both the site and the staff in a variety of ways. Ed will also be writing about both the Union and covering the San Antonio Scorpions of the NASL.

Andrew Stoltzfus (@andrewstoltzfus) will have a new, (mostly) weekly column, as well as being the USMNT Editor and covering the NASL‘s Atlanta Silverbacks.

JC Escobar (@sob4life) is our resident Latin America expert and will be writing about the Union and the Puerto Rico Islanders.

Eugene Rupinski, (@EugeneR) will bring his very extensive knowledge of Mexican fĂștbol (@GolazodelGringo), great insight into statistics, and love of the Union to us on a regular basis, as well as keeping everyone up to date on the Tampa Bay Rowdies.

Hunter Pages, (@hunterpages) a Golden Triangle native, will regale us with all things Carolina Railhawks, and keep things tied together with our general NASL coverage, and more.

Quinn White, (@quincy1214) will be covering the 2011 NASL Soccer Bowl Champions NSC Minnesota Stars, and chipping in on whatever else strikes his fancy.

John Rossi, aka da South Philly Kid, (@JfrigginRossi) will share his thoughts on whatever da hell he feels like and will be keeping an eye on FC Edmonton, too.

We also kidnapped Dan Kenworthy, (@djkw418) from the UnholyUnion blog to cover the Ft Lauderdale Strikers for us on a regular basis and don’t be surprised if you see the occasional USMNT article pop up with his name on it.

Last and certainly least, my name is Murph (@Murph_UnionDues) and I will be playing traffic cop for all this new material, as well as making my jackass opinion known to anyone who will listen.

Tried and True

We didn’t throw out the baby with the bathwater though, we kept the best of the old and will look to improve upon it.

You can now listen to the latest episode of the YSA Report just by clicking the media player in the latest post.

You will also be comforted to know that Poor Spoertsmans Almanac and the Away Contest will make a return. UnionDues will bring you more coverage and more content on the Union than last season.

There are also a few more surprises and some new exciting partnerships we will be rolling out throughout the season.

Get Involved

So now you know what the wait was for, we will do our best to make sure it was worth it. Make sure you subscribe so that you wont miss a thing. Like our a Facebook page and follow us on Twitter, and most of all get involved. This is your sport and your leagues, we want to hear your American Voices.




1 Comment

  1. @Murph, Congrats on the relaunch of the site. It looks great! Hat tip to Ed Welsh for the re-du of the site. Its a good look. Also a hat tip to Eryin Wandel for that very snazzy and professional looking new button/badge.

    Thanks for the link as well. Best of luck to everyone on the upcoming year. Happy New Year and cheers to a great 2012!